"Essential Guide: Renting the Powerful SDR1 1500 Watt Steamer"

"Essential Guide: Renting the Powerful SDR1 1500 Watt Steamer"

Before renting a steamer from D&B, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with key details to ensure a smooth rental experience. Carefully review the rental terms, including duration and any applicable late fees, and make sure the steamer’s specifications meet your needs.

How Much Does a Steamer Cost?

Steamers are available for daily rentals at $165. Pickup is required from the exhibitor service area, where you will see a D&B customer service desk. You can start picking up the steamers at 8:00 AM on the exhibitor setup day. The steamer must be returned by 6 PM on the same day. If you need to keep it overnight, you have the option to return it by 10 AM the next morning for an additional $75 overnight fee per steamer. Report any issues or malfunctions immediately for prompt inspection or replacement.

Electrical Requirements

Ensure your booth has an available 1500 watt electricity supply before renting the steamer. It is critical to order the right amount of wattage to avoid blowing out your electrical system. Pre-ordering in advance can sometimes save you on electrical costs, so make sure to check your exhibitor’s guide for any pre-order discounts.

Cost-Saving Tips

Consider teaming up with neighboring vendors to share the steamer rental. If you don’t need the steamer all day, you can split the cost with two or three other exhibitors who also have the required 1500 watt electricity supply. This way, you all save on rental costs. Just remember, the original renter is always responsible for the steamer, so make sure it doesn’t go missing!

Additional Tips

Don’t forget to stop by our desk or visit us online to purchase lint roll brushes, which are perfect for removing lint from clothes. These are available for sale, not rental, and make a great addition to your garment care toolkit.

Thank You for Your Support

We want to thank you for your business and continued support. We've been in business since 1999, and many of our clients, who we now consider family and friends, have been with us since the beginning. Understanding these rental terms guarantees a smooth and efficient experience, allowing you to tackle your steaming project with confidence.

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